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Swertres Hearing Today

Growing up, I often hear the term ‘Swertres hearing today” from my father and his friends who play 3D Lotto. Swertres hearing is actually a term coined by 3D Lotto players, which is all about the probable result for a specific draw, heard from some sources who claim to know the possible result.

In rural areas, 3D Lotto players are often seen to be computing a three-digit combination on which they would place their bet. Also, it is very common for radio announcers to talk and give a “Swertres hearing“.

While some of these “Swertres hearing combinations” are sometimes right, the PCSO made it clear that no one can predict the possible result. They also said that even the balls used in drawing results are weighed and inspected by their personnel and other government representatives.

It happens that a lot of players believe in the integrity of “Swertres hearing” because more often than not, many of these combinations are right, depending on how diligent a player is in betting for these lucky numbers.

However, no matter how believable some sources may claim, the PCSO is reminding everyone to not fall into the scheme of fraud, especially those who give a lucky combination in exchange for a monetary value.

Pinoy Swertres Hearing Today

We cannot provide you with a probable lucky combination and suggest you bet with, but what we can have you here is a community where you might get those Swertres hearing numbers and interact with other avid Swertres players.

Below are the Facebook groups that we suggest you join to interact with other players that might have a possible lucky combination or other calls it “Brigada Swertres hearing today” that you’re looking for.

You can also try to check a Swertres Angle guide, it might work for you or just an additional reference. We have a separate blog post about the Swertres angle guide, all the details are included like how to use it.

Just click here to see our Swertres angle guide blog post. Please let us know in the comments if you have questions or better ideas about what we have on this page.