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EZ2 Result Today

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This page is going to be specifically just about the ez2 result today, and obviously, you’re here because that is what you’re trying to check right now, the 2d result today.

This website is supposedly just about Swertres results, but we received suggestions that are asking to include the ez2 results and that’s how we decided to create this separate page about the PCSO 2D lotto. Please see below for the EZ2 draw results today.

  • EZ2 Result Today 2PM
  • EZ2 Result Today 5PM
  • EZ2 Result Today 9PM

We have representatives that are watching PCSO live draws and updating all the data that we have on this website in real-time, so we guarantee the accuracy and reality of the ez2 results that we have here. Please visit PCSO’s official website for more details.

What is EZ2?

EZ2 or also known as 2D lotto is one of the most popular lottery games in the Philippines offered by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. The game ended up being termed or called EZ2 since you’ll just need to select two sets of numbers to play the game. We interviewed some numbers EZ2 or 2D lotto players and that’s what they told us.

EZ2 is the second most popular digit game next to Swertres, so it’s no surprise that lots of people are searching the EZ2 draw results daily and that’s how we decided to include this content on our website. Please let us know in the comments below if you have questions, or suggestions for this website.

How To Play EZ2 Game?

One of the very important rules to playing the EZ2 lottery game is you have to be of a legal age, which is you should be at least 18 years of age. The next thing you have to do is to buy your game ticket which you can buy at any PCSO outlet, available almost in every Baranggay in the Philippines (popular yellow small both).

The EZ2 ticket will cost you P10 pesos each, and its ticket will have you a chance to win P4000 pesos in cash prizes. You just have to select your two sets of numbers or your lucky combination and select what specific draw you want to bet, then you just have to wait for the draw that happens every 2PM, 5PM, and the evening draw that happens every 9PM.

EZ2 Prizes For Winners

If you’re ticket wins or you’re able to have the winning combination in exact order, you will win a total of ₱4,000.00 for every EZ2 ticket. If you bet with a Rambolito system play and win, you will receive ₱2,000.00 pesos in prizes.

Please make sure to keep your ticket away from any damages, it’s important that the PCSO machine can scan and read your ticket to claim your prizes. Avoid your ticket from getting wet, scratched, or ripped off.

How To Claim EZ2 Prizes

Claiming PCSO lottery prizes has the same rules. If your prize is just below ₱10,000 pesos, you can claim your prizes through any authorized lotto outlet. You can also claim your prizes at any PCSO branch office nearest to you.

For prizes that are above ₱10,000 pesos, winners are required to claim their prizes at any PCSO branch office. Please note that if your prize goes above ₱10,000 pesos, it’s also subject to a 20% tax deduction pursuant to the TRAIN act ( Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion). Visit the official PCSO website for more details.